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Our Work is Divided into
4 Core pillars.

The programs we have created are designed to help companies
grow while having control over their emissions, regulatory risk
and social impact.

Carbon Emission Diagnostics, Reduction & Management

Measuring your greenhouse gas emissions to determine your carbon footprint and identifying operational improvements and carbon reduction opportunities. This pillar is focused on creating a net zero / carbon neutral roadmap and CO2 offsetting, carbon accounting and strategy.

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ESG Reporting

COAction offers the expertise of partners to jointly develop a full ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) assessment, according to the client's needs.

Sustainability Services

Aligning your corporate strategy with your preferred ESG reporting framework.

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Putting your company on the path to becoming CO2Action Net Zero or Carbon Neutral certified. CO2Action offers certifications to guarantee the organization’s claims of carbon neutral or net zero status. This certification is issued by CO2ction and is not connected to any other certification party.

Our Guarantee

Ongoing Consultancy Support*: We’re still here for support after project completion.  If you need to present the results of the study to an internal audience, a CO2Action representative will help with the preparation and delivery, with total transparency and no additional cost. This is valid for 12 months after CO2Action presents results. 

Money-back guarantee*: If you are not satisfied with the results, CO2Action will provide a refund.

Buy one, give one*: When working with CO2Action, your company may select a small NGO or other nonprofit organization for our team to conduct an accounting of their direct emissions in support of their sustainability goals. This service is complimentary and on your organization’s behalf.

*Terms and conditions are defined upon agreement.