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Take a look at our past successful projects

The programs we have created are designed to help companies grow while having control over their emissions.

Our Clients

Hyundai - Tate cooperation logos 1


Long-term partnership supporting an annual artist commission for Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall and a Tate research centre embedded in Tate’s curatorial team.

What we did: Estimation of scopes 1, 2 and 3 of the project “Turbine Hall Model” by Ghanaian artist El Anatsui.

Hyundai-Tate cooperation
Miele logo

Miele Canada

German manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances and commercial equipment.

What we did: Evaluation of the scopes 1, 2, and 3 along Miele Canada’s operations to help in the understanding and reduction of GHG emissions.

Arabtech Jardaneh logo

Arabtech Jardaneh

Multidisciplinary consulting firm based in Jordan. Provides a range of engineering, architectural, and consulting services.

What we did: Assessment of GHG scopes 1, 2 and a GRI-based Environmental, Social, and Governance report for agencies in Jordan, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Arabtech Jardaneh
Tucoemas bank.
Tucoemas logo

Tucoemas Federal Credit Union

Member-owned financial institution based in California, specializing in providing a variety of banking services, including savings, loans, and financial solutions to individuals in Tulare County.

What we did: Evaluation of the GHG scopes 1, 2, 3 for a better understanding of their emissions and reduction strategies for achieving a carbon-neutral business.

Lumina logo


Multiciplinary geophysical and geological firm focused on technology development, data acquisition, engineering, well drilling and completion.

What we did:  Evaluation of GHG scopes 1, 2 and carbon mitigation and reduction strategies for achieving a carbon-neutral business.

Lumina transparent background
Tate museum
Tate logo 1

Tate Modern

Institution that houses the United Kingdom's national collection of British art, international, modern and contemporary art.

What we did: A series of educational workshops and development of a calculation tool to help Tate make better and informed decisions during its operations.

Factum Arte logo transparent

Factum Arte

Leading art fabrication studio that blends traditional craftsmanship and advanced technologies to produce precise art reproductions and installations.

What we did: Audit and assessment of GHG scopes 1, 2 and 3 for the life-sized dinosaur replicas at the Natural History Museum.

Factum arte dinosaur project.
WeDOTrash logo


Premier trash valet and recycling provider across Texas and Colorado.

What we did:  Evaluation of GHG scopes 2, 3 and carbon footprint reduction plans for achieving a carbon-neutral business.

Ponto logo 1


Plant-based footwear brand committed to sustainability.

What we did: GHG Scope 3 - Transportation emissions analysis to assess the accuracy of previously purchased carbon offsets with a third party.

GFS consulting. Freepik. Edited from: 
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GFS logo

GFS Consulting

Carbon finance and commercial development firm.

What we did: Evaluation of the scopes 1, 2, and 3 along reduction/offsetting options for achieving a carbon-neutral business.

Our Partners

Curating tomorrow logo

Curating Tomorrow

Sustainability and educational consultancy firm at museums and heritage sector.

CO2Action and Curating Tomorrow worked to develop the guide “Measuring and Reporting Greenhouse Gas Emissions: An introduction for museums and cultural institutions”, available to download at no cost here.

Curating tomorrow webpage image 1
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Small99 logo


Sustainability firm focused on carbon accounting and reduction plans aimed at small businesses.

native logo


Public Benefit Corporation and certified B Corp carbon credits provider.

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Mondapro transparent logo


Collaborates globally on impactful projects, recycling, GHG emissions control and carbon capture. Dedicated to creating cross-sectoral value, fostering collaboration, innovation.

Comhla logo white

Comhla Intelligent Compliance

Integrity risks assessment firm focused on data analysis and behavioral science, empowering organizations with expertise in social and governance strategies, and compliance oversight for a competitive edge.

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Rivergo Advisors webpage image. Freepik premium. From:
Rivergo transparent logo

Rivergo advisors

Firm specializing in advising investors, entrepreneurs, and socially responsible organizations on Strategy, M&A, Innovation, Organizational, and Digital Transformation. Focused on ESG with an emphasis on the social and third sector, Telco & Energy Infrastructure, and Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

Our partners

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