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Sustainability Services

Aligning your corporate strategy with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Life Cycle Assessments, and marketing support.

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The sustainability services pillar covers:

The Sustainability Services pillar focuses on how aligned the client’s organization is with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Study of the SDGs and the company’s values: This study analyzes whether the company follows the UN Sustainable Development Goals and suggests activities to align with them, if necessary.

Full ESG assessment: CO2Action offers the expertise of partners to jointly develop a full ESG assessment, according to the client’s needs. Reports are made following relevant frameworks and guidelines (GRI, TCFD, SASB, etc.).

Life cycle assessment study: This service is defined as the carbon footprint of the product. A calculation of the GHG emissions associated with the manufacturing and distribution of each product separately is done.

Corporate sustainability training: The client’s team receives specific training on climate change, sustainability, and carbon accounting according to the industry. This could be delivered during a webinar, a workshop, or a series of them.

Communication and marketing: CO2Action creates posts for the client’s social media or website following the aesthetics of the brand to announce the development of the study and the results, showing how this is important for the consumer and the community. Templates for these posts are included for modification.

At the end of the activities in this pillar, a report is delivered to the client, including a summary of findings, conclusions, assumptions, and data tables. This report might be for an internal or external audience, according to the client’s preference.