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Join Us Towards a
Sustainable Future

We are a consulting firm in sustainability
providing a range of services to organizations, helping them
integrate practices and strategies that will guide them in the race towards sustainability and a net-zero future.

Our Goal

Real Impact.

Governments, independent organizations, and experts from around the globe are sounding
the alarm on ESG issues (Environmental, Social, and Governance). Because of that, our team of
industry leaders and partners from across the world decided to take swift action to create
CO₂Action. The programs we have created are designed to help companies grow while
having control over their emissions, regulatory risk and social impact.

About our environmental expertise

Helping You Become a Climate Impact Leader in Your Industry.

CO₂Action has identified the CO₂, water and waste management gap
in industries of all kinds throughout the rapidly evolving global
economic landscape. We provide environmental optimization to our clients and guide them in preservation and decarbonization of our economy for a net-zero future.

Why us

The Benefits of integrating ESG and Being a Carbon-Neutral Business.

Integrating ESG factors and working towards carbon neutrality brings multiple benefits, including
improved reputation, competitive advantage, risk mitigation, cost savings, access to capital, employee
engagement, regulatory compliance, and positive societal impact. By embracing sustainability, organizations can create long-term value while addressing pressing environmental and social challenges. 

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Create a Better Future
What we do

Our Work is Divided into 4 Core Objectives.

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Carbon emission diagnostics, reduction
& management

Measuring your greenhouse
gas emissions to determine your
carbon footprint and identifying
operational improvements and carbon
reduction opportunities.

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ESG reporting

CO₂Action offers the expertise of partners to jointly develop a full ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) assessment, according to the
client's needs.

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Sustainability services

Aligning your corporate strategy with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Putting your company on the path to becoming CO₂Action Net Zero or Carbon Neutral certified.

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Case Studies

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Ponto Footwear

GFS Consulting


What our clients  are saying

“After working with CO2Action, we had a better understanding of our emissions across our operations in Canada. They helped us with a first approach to evaluating in which areas we needed to focus and what could be our next steps to become more environmentally conscious and friendly.”

Paula Meissner
Regional Sales Manager, Miele Canada

“Working with CO2Action helped us better understand our emissions and where the biggest impacts were coming from. They provided very useful insight and a detailed report that was important to start acting to reduce our impact on the environment and work towards a more sustainable future.”

Marcos Ramirez
Managing Director, Piglove Brewing Co, UK

“They were game-changing for our startup to be able to accurately calculate the impact of many of our sustainable endeavors”

Joey Marquis
Founder & COO, Ponto Footwear

"The team delivered quality work on time, and we would like to bring them to also evaluate our global operations. We definitively will keep working with them!"

Carlos Moreno
CEO, Lumina
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