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Carbon Emission Diagnostics, Reduction
& Management

Measuring your greenhouse gas emissions to determine your carbon footprint. This pillar is focused on carbon accounting and strategy and identifying operational improvements and carbon reduction opportunities, creating a net zero / carbon neutral roadmap and CO2 offsetting strategy.

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The carbon emission diagnostics, reduction and management pillar covers:

Project structure: CO2Action participates in a kick-off meeting with the client to identify goals and existing sustainability practices within the organization. During this stage, the project timeline is planned with the client, and data is requested.

Development of an internal Greenhouse Gas Protocol: An internal protocol defines boundaries and methodology for current and future monitoring of company-specific GHG emissions. Scopes 1, 2, and 3 emissions are mapped, and assumptions are made. The last part of this stage is the review of existing GHG emissions calculations if any.

Calculation of company-wide GHG emissions: During this phase, CO2Action performs a baseline calculation of company-wide GHG emissions for the selected reporting year, dependent on data availability.

Strategy and Action Plan: A peer benchmarking review is developed for this step. The intention of this is to highlight comparisons with competitors (dependent on public data availability). This phase also involves the development of an action plan, including recommendations for data management and future monitoring.

Net zero/Carbon neutral roadmap: CO2Action identifies engineering and administrative actions that may be implemented to reduce emissions while prioritizing cost-effective measures. During this phase, a timeline for these specific and measurable planned actions that the company will take to become a net zero or carbon neutral company is defined.

CO2 offsetting: CO2Action identifies offsetting projects and opportunities according to the client’s preference, budget, and availability, and offers multiple options to select a preferred carbon offset partner.

At the end of the activities in this pillar, a report is delivered to the client, including a summary of findings, conclusions, assumptions, and data tables. This report might be for an internal or external audience, according to the client’s preference.